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May 7 General Meeting – Dan Buchanan

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Newcastle Community Hall – Lion’s Room
May 7 @ 7 to 8:30 p.m

Speaker: Dan Buchanan, The History Guy

38 Hours To Montreal: William Weller and the Governor General’s Race of 1840 

The Governor General was in a big hurry to get to Montreal in February of 1840 and he contracted with William Weller, the Stagecoach King, to do the job in under 38 hours. This Canadian history takes us from Beverly House in downtown Toronto to the Exchange Coffee House in Montreal, changing horses 24 times and avoiding damaged bridges and mud holes. Find out how Mr. Weller could have accomplished this feat and what the Governor General accomplished when he finally got to Montreal.

Come and hear the very engaging author and speaker Dan Buchanan speak on the remarkable race to Montreal in the winter of 1840. All NVDHS and community members welcome!