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From the Summer 2020 Newsletter

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Remembrance banners - Newcastle

Three of the eight banners on King Avenue between Mill St. and Baldwin St., honoring Robert Bothwell, Douglas Walton and Howard Quinney, who all served in World War II.

President’s Message

Dear Members and Friends,

Thank you for your continuing support of the NVDHS. Our Society has terrific support from members, Directors, Officers, volunteers, past and present residents of our Newcastle community and others. We are blessed to have such great support.

The NVDHS worked with The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 178 (Bowmanville) and the Municipality of Clarington on a “banner project” to pay tribute to our local veterans, deceased veterans and active service members or veterans who have a family association with the communities of Clarington, honour the contributions and sacrifices these veterans have made on behalf of our communities, our nation and the global theatre and to promote Remembrance in our communities.

This project will be an ongoing legacy project that will pay tribute to all Canadian and Allied veterans and active service members. Our Veteran banners will be displayed on lampposts in Newcastle between October 1 and November 12 each year. Through displaying the banners, we hope to engage the communities in honouring and remembering local veterans in an initiative that will ensure continued recognition and respect throughout future generations. Please don’t miss this display. The banners are on King Ave, running east and west between Mill and Baldwin Streets.

Our summer student completed the digitization of all documents. We continue to work on this project. We are in the process of digitizing our artifacts etc. We are hopeful that we can engage a summer student in 2021 and continue on with this project.

During our COVID-19 closing, we continue to maintain our Instagram, Facebook, email, and website. These are good methods to communicate with our members and the public. Please go to for regular updates on the activities at your NVDHS.

We are disappointed that our operations have been so adversely affected by the COVID-19 virus and remain positive that we will re-open soon. We do have access to the NVDHS office area. If any information is required, please email us via the website and we can retrieve information.

Enjoy our beautiful Autumn weather.

Thomas Wallace