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President’s Message – Summer 2018

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Dear Members and Friends of Newcastle Village and District Historical Society (NVDHS),

Thank you very much for your continuing support of NVDHS.  It is indeed a pleasure to be a part of this Organization.

Art & Celia Wynn

Art & Celia Wynn

With regret, the NVDHS mourns the loss this summer of former President of NVDHS Alan Kirby and longtime member Arthur Wynn. 

On June 9, we participated in Doors Open Ontario. Leslie Wilson (Stephenson) and Brian presented your Society’s Doctor’s Travelling Kit at the Doctor’s House in Newtonville.  The Kit dates back to 1849 and is always on display at the Society. Greg and Dorella Forget presented historical pictures and movies at the Newtonville Community Hall. It was a huge success. 

The Doors Open event is a yearly event in many communities throughout Ontario. It is a great way to get a history lesson on the community. The Oshawa Doors Open event is scheduled for September 29. I learned that the earliest known baseball game was played in Willow Beach (between Port Hope and Port Granby) in 1803. Apparently there was a nearby court room and the judge, jurors, accused, witnesses, court clerks et. al. enjoyed a game of baseball after court adjourned. There is still much debate about the history of baseball which was founded as a cross between rounders and cricket but Abner Doubleday or Mr. Spalding have been given some credit for inventing baseball in 1839 or 1845. I like the Willow Beach story. 

The wedding dress of Anna Vincent is on display at NVDHS. Anna married Chester Daniel Massey in 1886. Chester was grandson of Daniel Massey, the founder of Massey Manufacturing.

We will be at the Orono Fair again this year. The theme of our presentation is Great Lakes ships.  Historically, Newcastle was a large shipping port so there is a lot of material to discuss. I am looking forward to this presentation. Please visit us at the Fair.

Next time you visit the NVDHS please have a look at the sculpturing over the front door.  It has the words Fortiter, Defendit, Triumphans… Triumphing by Brave Defence. These words are on the coat of arms of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK. The sculpture also includes a Lion in a Castle. It looks like the Lion is protecting the Castle.

We are working in conjuncture with Clarington Heritage Committee to develop a Heritage Park by Wilmot Creek to preserve the history of the fish hatchery. Samuel Wilmot opened Ontario’s first full-scale fish hatchery in the Village of Newcastle in 1868.  It is Newcastle Village history and we must preserve our past.  

We will be offering a display during Remembrance Day to honor all Veterans who gave so much for our Freedom that we enjoy today. Please visit us during this period. 

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Wallace